How to Shop for the Ideal Sports Socks

Perhaps one of the most neglected items in shopping for sports gear is socks. While many athletes and players would want to don highly comfortable shirts, pants, shorts, caps and other outer sports garments, some would easily ignore the value of great socks! This should not be, of course, because socks do have a role to play in giving optimum comfort to the wearer, especially when performing physical activities.

Speaking of comfort, there are seven factors that should be assessed when purchasing a pair of socks: moisture, pressure, shear, circulation, temperature, posture and stimulus. Moisture is a vital factor, because if the garment does not manage this well, the wearer could suffer from blisters and fungal infections. Also, the chosen socks should withstand pressure. During sports, the feet are subjected to a lot of pressure that can cause tissue damage, painful calluses and ugly bunions. However, the appropriate pair of socks can prevent this. Furthermore, the garment should minimise shears, cuts and wounds by providing a good cushion or interface between the foot and shoe. In as much as the shoes and socks should fit, they have to facilitate ample blood circulation into and out of the feet. Of course, enclosed footwear can hinder airflow, but great socks and shoes can moderate the very hot and very cold temperatures inside. Posture is something that the right pair of socks can promote as well, because it nestles and accommodates the feet properly. Finally, the sports socks must provide total benefits in terms of protection and comfort, which can only be realised once the garment is tried.

So try out many pairs and find the right pair of sports socks for you.